LG optimus L07C unlock ok

Connecting with L07C
Preparing loaders
Load the phone into normal mode(Android), type 3845#*07#, enter <CP AP Usb switching> and select <CP Image Download>
Device found
Sending preloader
Sending loader
Setting up configuration
Looking for GPT
Receiving phone info
Dumping security area
IMEI: 357188-04-151879-8
Bluetooth Address: 70:05:14:C4:95:7C
WiFi MAC: 70:05:14:AA:28:63
SIM lock: Network lock
Network lock code: 6271 8660 7362 2401
To enter unlock menu press: 2945#*970#
Info received
Unlocking phone
Creating backup in: Backups\L07C_357188041518798.sbf
Dumping block 1/2
Dumping block 2/2
Dumping security area
Flashing security area
Phone successfully unlocked


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