Orange Rio - ZTE-G X991 - Unlock ok

SigmaKey 1.16.00
Sigma dongle 1.18, Initializing...OK
Disconnect SigmaKey dongle...OK
Sigma dongle 1.18, Initializing...OK
SigmaKey 1.16.00 MTK: Direct unlock
Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM158), Provider: Prolific, Driver ver.:, Date: 7/25/2005
Baud rate: 19200
Release "Power on" button!
Baseband Processor: MT6235, HW Rev. B.00, SW Rev. A.01
Serial number: 3B076E6E77516085177170BE30D30CED
Testing external RAM...32 Mb
Detecting flash...NAND, ID: 00AD00A1-00000015, manufacturer: Hynix
Flash size: 128 Mb, page size: 2048 , bad blocks: 1
File system: 96 Mb @ 02000000
Firmware: ZTEMT35_09A_GEMINI_PCB01_GPRS_MT6235B_S01.X991_V1_ Z2_FRES_D1EF118
Hardware IMEI: Not found
Software IMEI: 352945042956961
Mounting system disk...#1
Security area saved to "C:\Documents and Settings\0904051108\My Documents\SigmaKey\security backup\352945042956961_ZTEMT35_09A_GEMINI_PCB01_GP RS_MT6235B_S01_X991_V1_Z2_FRES_D1EF118.skb"
Unlocking phone...Done

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