Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.54 released

- USB Flashing improved
- Maemo/MeeGo SW version check improved
* Version check will be done before Swap/eMMC format and flashing start
* Show which version needed to flash and where is fault with versions/regions
* Skip Version check option added
- Maemo/MeeGo eMMC flashing improved (Not need MCU select, but need select correct model)
- Light eMMC files flashing should work in all cases
- Some improvements in WP7 Lumia flashing

- Service operations improved
- Added Product Code change support for N9/N950
* Connect powered on phone in PC suite mode, select desired code, press Write
- SimLock extraction improved :
*Added support for new types
*Improved locked phones detection/extraction
*Improved UnlockCode search (if phone locked)
*Fixed hangs during extraction
*!!! SPR reading will be proceed ONLY during RESTORE SL !!!
- Some other different improvements and fixes

- User Data operations improved
- S60vX ( S60v3, S60v4, S60v5 ) Forensic extraction mode improved
* Speed Up of extraction process
* Data accuracy improved (less garbage)
* Fixed hangs on some completely destoryed FS types
* Deleted / Not fully broken records extraction improved
- Basic support for S40 DevPlatform 2.0 added

- Other
- Ini revised
- Other fixes

Discussion thread is here: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.54 released

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