Sensation 4g repair boot ok

Open serial port...OK
Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK
Firmware Version: 1.34, JTAG Manager Version: 1.45
Selected Resurrector: [HTC Sensation4G (PG5810000) V1.0.4557.1904]

Connecting to the dead body...OK
Detected dead body ID: 0x104210E1 - CORRECT!
Set I/O Voltage reads as 1.80V, TCK Frequency is RTCK
Adaptive Clocking RTCK Sampling is: [Sample at MAX]

Resurrection sequence started.
Establish communication with the phone...OK
Initializing internal hardware configuration...OK
Uploading resurrector data into memory...OK
Starting communication with resurrector...OK

Detected an Initialized FLASH1 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0000 (MLL00M, 0x000090000000 Bytes = 2.25 GB)
Detected an Initialized FLASH2 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0000 (MLL00M, 0x000000080000 Bytes = 0.50 MB)

Flashing the dead body...OK
Resurrection complete!

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