• World's 1st Added SPD 6530 Read Info
  • World's 1st SPD 6530 Read Password
  • World's 1st SPD 6530 Format ( BETA )
  • Adjust Coolsand Read Password Algo

format :
1- read Flash file as backup
2- select format
3- select readed flash file
4- Click on ok ( Don't put manual format address )
Format done... keep in mind it's BETA. can be have some bugs

VolcanoBox 7in1 cable in action



Volcano Box Basic Manual


Unlock Server

Unlocking Solutions, Real Time Unlocking Solutions, Free Unlock Solutions, Unlocking Tools, Social Tools

Very Special Thanks to Mobileclinic to providing the Phones

Download new ver
VolcanoTool_v1.5.5.rar - Downloads - GPGIndustries - Forum

Other Team still Dreaming that they are giving shock to others but infact WE VolcanoBox team giving shock to them...

After our updates they try to copy us and take ages and when they release they said we are world's 1st... infact they are world's last.


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