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Chủ đề: Download iTunes 10.7 for Windows and Mac

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    Download iTunes 10.7 for Windows and Mac

    Download iTunes 10.7 for Windows and Mac

    The big Media Event which Apple has announced in the long waited 6th generation of iPhones has just finished and the fruit company announced 2 new products alongside the iPhone 5 which are the 5th generation of iPod Touch “The new iPod Touch” and the 7 th generations of iPod Nano with magnificent upgrades.

    Also Apple has released the new updated version of iTunes. As the official Apple Store has just come back right after the Event has finished you will be able to download iTunes 10.7 for Mac and for Windows from the following links. Download it now.

    Download iTunes 10.7 for Mac.
    Download iTunes 10.7
    for Windows.

    Here’s what’s new on iTunes 10.7:

    iTunes 10.7 adds support for
    iOS 6 running on compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. This update also adds support for the latest iPod nano and iPod shuffle models.
    Remember iOS will be available to download soon. It will make it public on
    September 19th. iPhone 5 pre-orders starts September 14th, shipping September 21th. Are you excited?

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